Itharku thaane aasai pattai balakumara – Movie Review

07 Oct


Itharku thaane aasai pattai balakumara

Is about events which happen on one day to Bala (Ashwin) and Kumar alias Summar Moonji Kumar  (Vijay Sethupathi) our two Heros of this film. Bala a bank employee who is struggling between his lover Renu (Swathi) and his boss , and Kumar who is a drunk ,whose only job is to loiter and harass his neighborhood girl named Kumudha (Nandita) to love him. How these two intervene and meet forms the film.

Though the film happens in a day, there are flashbacks for both the characters which lead us to the main plot of the story. While Vijay Sethupathi role is well defined and makes you laugh and enjoy, Ashwin story drags you and is boring. The cast is well chosen especially Pasupathy and gang, Summar Moonji Kumar’s sidekick Romba Summar Moonji Kumar. In-between this story there is murder story which involves Babu and Raj with Parotta Suri which is un-necessary but keeps the audience laughing. Songs don’t make an effect in this film and just adds to screen time. The director seems to have developed just a story for Vijay Sethupathy’s Character and added the rest to fill the time.  Itharku thaane aasai pattai balakumara doesn’t impress as film and is just a collection of comedy scenes for the Tv channels.  I give 4/10 just for Vijay Sethupathy ‘s Role in the film .


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