RajaRani – Movie review

30 Sep

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Raja Rani

“RajaRani” The Most publicized and talked movie in recent times tell you a story of couple who marry against their will after losing both their lovers. Preferring to hold on to their past love life, both are often fighting with each other in an attempt to break away. Regina ( Nayanthara) tries to get transferred and wants to get out of the country, while John (Arya)drinks himself senseless every night and creates a riot in his neighborhood . As the story progresses, John and Regina learn about each other’s love life they start to sympathize with the other. Debutant director Atlee’s Raja Rani is a simple love story about how to cope with life when we lose someone we love. That ‘there is love after love failure’ and importantly ‘there is life after love failure’. The debutant director has been blessed with great cast; Nayanthara and Jai have performed to their best in this film. Arya and Nazaria have less screen time but their performances good too. Santhanam as Arya’s friend has performed well and has shown that he can do character roles and not just be a comedian ,and Satyaraj is getting younger by the film than and as done well as Nayanthara’s father.

Director Atlee ‘s has shown maturity by handling this subject, only previously  handled to perfection by Mani Rathnam in ‘Mouna Raagam’. The romantic scenes are well handled and a hit among the audience. The only let down are the songs which were not visualized good enough, though reasonably good to hear. The second half could have been shortened; its length was much and was dragging. Even though the film was very predictable it was well told and far better than many Tamil films which released this year. I give it 7/10.


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