Maryan – movie review

22 Jul



A Story of love, pain and sacrifice marks the debut of the Ace ad filmmaker Bharathbala in Tamil Films with Maryan . The story starts with Maryan (Dhanush) in Sudan as a contracted worker leading to the flashback where he is an energetic fisherman who falls in love with Panimalar (Parvathy). At a crucial point he takes the job in Sudan to clear her family’s debt, and when he is about to come back he is taken hostage by terrorists. With Dhanush and Parvathy in lead roles and AR Rahman to drown you into a sea of harmony is worth a watch.It’s all Dhanush in the film, his charismatic role and screen presence charms the young crowd in the theatre. And there are a few scenes in the film in which he would be praised. Parvathy as Panimalar is superb in her role; she shows her emotions and proves she is a terrific actress.

But the film lacks pace and the whole of first half are just scenes randomly shot and placed with no proper screenplay. A story formulates only by the end of the First half which makes you sit for the second half. The cinematographer has used different tones for the scenes in India and Africa. Some of the angles are too good, but mostly the frames lack composition. Other than Appukuti who acts as his friend other characters proved to be mediocre in their roles. Songs  proves to be the highlight in the film ‘Nenjey Ezhu’ stands tall so as Innum Konjam Neram. Direction resembles that of Mani Ratnam style in some places in the film. Overall a directionless first half and a director’s second half gives Maryan 6/10 .



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