Neram – Movie review

20 May


The film starts with the quote from Quentin Tarantino “I steal from every movie ever made”. So friends if you see any shots or scenes which resembles any Hollywood sequence keep it to yourself.The movie theme is based on time and how it changes ones life with unexpected challenges, in this case all in one day to our hero Nivin who plays Vetri as a jobless young man who has to deal with it.
I am not able to categorize this film as comedy ,drama,thriller or crime, it has bits of everything in its amateurish way.Nivin has only acted as told by the director, he looks very cold in most of the scenes. I think its become normal to have dubbing errors, as on one cares about it and it shows in the main characters. Simhaa who acts as the villain has potential and i bet we can see more of him in the future.The director Alphonse Putharen who has also edited this film has managed to bring all the characters in play in film.Expect for Thambi ramaiyaa who’s disgraces himself in his character.Nazriya who’s plays Veni and the lover of our hero has potential but has less screen time in the film.The cinematographer Anend C.Chandran has experimented on colors and framing but very few can be applauded.To many tight close-ups and slow motion shots becomes unbearable after some time.
Dragging second half makes this film uncomfortable .But this film doesn’t make you sleep thanks to some casual scenes and dialogues.A very predictable film which should have been not more than 90 minutes. I give it 4/10
P.S. the titles was a good attempt .


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