Iron Man 3 movie review

29 Apr


Iron Man 3

In this third installment of the iron series, Tony Stark/Iron Man fights world terrorism from a formidable terrorist called the Mandarin and facing his inner demons after his near death experience which he faced in the war with the aliens(Avengers the movie).

It’s all RD.Jr all the way in this film; he has delivered a good performance. The style and screen presence is unmatched as Tony Stark and the Iron man. He is the 007 of super heroes .The action sequences were all very well executed. I enjoyed the unbelievable “Barrel of Monkeys” sequence in the sky. CG and Vfx sequences were near to realism but could have been better. The end explosive waterfront action sequence was awesome and I liked the range of Iron man robots displayed. The villain soldiers reminded me of terminator robots maybe it was their gleaming red eyes .Dialogue sequences were as long and boring may be the editor could have tightened those parts in the film. I always liked a twist in the story but not at the cost of an honorable Actor Sir Ben Kingsley. I watched it in 3D as they said it was shot 3D but I was disappointed. lot of pot holes in the story but the action sequence make you forget it . Marvel comic fans will be disappointed  but as an Iron Man film fan you won’t.

Iron man 3 ends with lots of questions unanswered as a story, but  I am still looking forward to the iron man in Avengers 2. I give the film 7/10


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