Udhayam NH4 Movie Review

22 Apr


Udhayam NH4

Ritika(Ashrita)  and Prabhu(Siddharth) elope. Aware of the damage it could cause to his political career Ritika’s father chooses not to press charges and, therefore, seeks the help of an encounter specialist, Manoj Menon. So the movie is set in NH4 in which the two try to escape from Bangalore to Chennai with the Cop chasing them.

With a very familiar story line, I waited for a twist or something different to happen in the film but I was disappointed till the end. The movie was dragging from scene to scene. Except for Siddharth and Kay Kay Menon the rest of the cast were the worst selected lot for themovie. Ashrita is pretty and certainly has the charm, but she can’t act for sure. We know that this movie happens in Bangalore but making the actors speak Tamil with Kannadika accent was the biggest mistake, it was like watching junoon in Tamil. The worst dubbing and lip sync done for a movie, it was irritating to watch the mismatch between video and audio. This movie might be loved by teenagers for the main plot but fails in all other aspects as a film.National Highway 4 might be shortest and most popular route between Chennai and Bangalore, but Udhayam NH4 becomes the longest and the boring movie of 2013. I give it 2/10


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