Oblivion – Movie review

15 Apr



The date is 2077, and Earth has been reduced to barren plains and ruined landmarks following a war with aliens. Cruise plays Jack Harper a former marine commander and one of the last remaining men on the planet. His job is to act as a maintenance mechanic, repairing faulty Drones. He’s partnered with Victoria (Andrea Riseborough), with whom he shares a space tower working as a mop up crew.

One of the most beautiful looking sci-fi films I have seen in a very long time. Striking futuristic  visuals and some extraordinary work from the cinematographer Claudio Miranda (Life of Pi and Tron legacy). But the film itself lacks a serious story. It just drags itself towards end occasionally filling the screen with dramatic landscapes and visual effects. If it wasn’t for Tom cruise the film would have collapsed midway. Tom Cruise plays his part naturally but very low- key in the film. Morgan Freeman is wasted in the film, any senior Hollywood actor could have played his part. The so called twists in between the film make the audience wonder whether to continue seeing it.

Oblivion drags you to an obvious ending making this movie be a big hit or a big miss. I give it 5/10

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