Settai – Movie review

08 Apr



UTV Motion Pictures, one of the biggest production houses in the film industry today, presents ‘Settai’, a remake of the Hindi film ‘Delhi Belly’.

One of my favorite Director once told me if you making a bilingual or a remake, you cannot change source ingredient of the movie for each of them based on its culture. And If you have no choice it’s better not to do it at all. But Settai did that and ended being a poor reproduction of its original. I was excited to see Arya and Santhanam  together  after Boss Engira Baskaran’ and expected more when Premji was also included in the cast. But all three disappointed in their performances .Santhanam alone was a comic relief with his trademark abusive comedy. Premji’s character had nothing to do in this film and yet he gets a solo song (which is not worth a second look).

Hansika Motawni and Anjali play the female leads, both share equal amount of screen time and play glamour dolls all through the film. Costumes made the female leads look better but rest of the charaters were given rags and Arya costumes were tasteless and badly selected.

Settai is, sadly, a disappointment. I give it 4/10


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