Kai Po Che – Movie Review

04 Mar


Kai Po Che

The story revolves around three friends, Ishaan, Omi and Govind, who want to start some business. While Ishaan is an ex-district level cricketer who was a victim of politics in the cricketing space, Omi is the nephew of a Hindu politician who funds their business and Govind is a nerd who is the mastermind behind starting a sports shop and also a sports academy. The first half takes you smoothly with light moments establishing the three young characters. The second half is where the pace picks up as their town is scarred by the after effects of an earthquake and caught between the Hindu-Muslim riots.

The director Abhishek Kapoor brilliantly molds all the actors to these beautiful characters in the film. Even though the film is filled with layers and sub plots towards every character in the film he guides the audience with smooth transitions. There were a few dragging scenes in the film which could have been avoided. Anay Goswami (Cinematography) and Amit Trivedi (Music) should be praised for their work in this film.

Kai Po Che works because of its terrific and very talented cast. The performances of the three boys – Sushant Singh Rajput (Ishaan), Raj Kumar Yadav (Govind) and Amit Sadh (Omi) are the finest one has seen in recent Indian cinema and I have to say Amrita Puri is very likable as Vidya, Ishaan’s sister and Govind’s love interest.  Together, these actors have created a special film. Looking forward to more films with content like Kai Po Che than commercialized nonsense films.

I give this film 8/10


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