Good day to die hard – Movie review

04 Mar


A Good Day to Die Hard – the fifth installment of the Die Hard series has managed to earn over $ 50 million worldwide with over the top special effects, a weak storyline, and some very dry acting.  Bruce Willis is one of my favorite actors, but the essence of The Die Hard series died a long time ago.  The story centers around Bruce Willis reuniting with his son in a foreign country who in turn is accused of aiding an international terrorist; which I though was an interesting twist – but no thought was put in the story based on that and there isn’t much of a story or cast to write about. We barely know which bad guy is the main bad guy. While there were some good lines and great action sequences, the movie had very little substance, or appeal for audiences. Die Hard 5 is about making money through special effects, using characters that have long out lived their usefulness to the original character. I give it 5/10popcorn meter5 copy

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