Kadal – Movie review

04 Feb


Kadal marks the debut of Gautham Karthik, the son of actor Karthik, and Thulasi Nair, the daughter of actress Radha. This film also has Arjun and Arvind Swamy, who is returning to acting after four years. The story starts off good with the introduction of the main characters. Arvind Swamy who is born with a silver spoon and yet decides to become a priest and Arjun who lands up in the Christian seminary only to fend his poor family – one represents all that’s good, and the other represents all that’s bad. Arjun is abruptly thrown out of the seminary when Arvind Swamy catches him in a transgression and reports him to authorities that ends with the latter avowing revenge. We then come to the story of our Hero – Gautham Karthik who is left as an orphan and branded as a Satan’s kid born to a prostitute in a fisherman’s village. We follow the kid metamorphosing into an irate young man who learns the lessons of survival in a harsh world. Arvind Swamy comes to the village as the priest and takes him under his wing and manages to groom him into a better person. In comes our Heroine, Thulasi who immediately captures the heart of our Hero and and we are pulled into a love story with back to back love songs. We are again introduced to Arjun as a wanted person involved in gang related fight and lands in the hands of Arvind Swamy. This time Arjun manages to take revenge on Arvind Swamy and he loses his Priest hood and gets beaten by the villagers and sent to Jail. The interval block shows our hero joining the dark side.

But the story strays from what it had initially set out to tell. This was pitched as a love story and has less time showing that. The second half of the film lacks story and contains gaps which make you uneasy till the end. The songs are better off when you hear them – the fail to gel with the visuals – “Moongkil thottam” being an exception.

Am I the only Mani Rathnam fan left in B-town? The theatre was full of teenagers chatting and messaging during the film. There was no one ready to wait for a scene to finish; a story to unfold or a love to blossom, Kadal doesn’t live up to our expectations and certainly not for this fast food generation.

I give it 5/10

popcorn meter5 copy

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