Alex Pandian – Movie Review

15 Jan


Alex Pandian

The plot involves a petty criminal Alex Pandian who abducts the Chief Minister’s daughter for villains who in turn plan to hold her for ransom to get the Chief Minister to allow them to sell imported banned antibiotics. He then falls in love with her then saves her from these villains.

Alex Pandian had everything for a foundation for a block buster – a star Jodi (Karthi and Anushka), DSP’s music including ‘Bad Boys’ video which was played every 15mins in all channels, one of the best comedian who had a good chemistry with the lead role and the best promotions ever seen in the Tamil industry. All the above said was not even used to a percentage in the film. The star Jodi had 20mins of screen time together including the songs and that too only in the 2nd half of the film. DSP’s music was a letdown throughout the film, the only song which passed muster is Bad Boy.  Unfortunately this comes after the movie ends alongside the credits. Santhanam‘s comedy makes you remember ‘Lollu Sabha’ in the first half of the film. The comedy becomes vulgar with double meaning jokes involving his three sisters and Karthi and what was Mano Bala doing in the film?

Overall, Alex Pandian is a waste of time and money; I give it a 2/10.





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