Kumki – Movie Review

07 Jan



Kumki – A name given to an elephant that is used to tame wild elephants and send them back to the forests. The story follows Bomman played by debut hero Vikram Prabhu and his elephant Manickam into the village Aathi Kadu to fend off a wild elephant called Komban, who in turn has been causing havoc for many years. Bomman falls in love with Alli, daughter of the village chief. What really happens in their lives forms the rest of the story.

Vikram Prabhu does a good job in his debut film, His hard work and dedication are obvious in the screen and we can expect more from him in his upcoming films. Laksmi Menon acts natural to her character in the film and delivers well in the film. Thambi Ramiah who plays the hero’s uncle dominates the first half of the movie with his one liners and gestures. Music director Imman scores 10/10 with melodious songs which linger in your memory even after the movie ends. Kumki is a visual extravagance by Sukumar, whose cinematography is also a key to the success of the film. Overall Prabhu Solomon has given us a neat film with and original story, adding one more feather to his cap.

On the down side the VFX of the elephant action scenes were not up to the mark. The story lost its pace in the second half and it was an awkward and an abrupt ending in the movie.

I give the movie 5/10

popcorn meter5 copy

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