Why Jack Reacher fails to reach the audience

04 Jan

jack reacher

Why Jack Reacher fails to reach the audience

The movie starts off with a sniper looking through his rifle’s scope and shooting shots at random human targets; killing five. The Police make the arrest immediately, on interrogation and the suspect offers up a single note: “Get Jack Reacher!”.

The movie was looking good until Tom Cruise’s dialogue starts – It really felt like watching a poor version of Dirty Harry. A lot of the dialogue and plot twists seemed awkward. The violence is plenty but pointless. Some scenes just drag on too long and others feel like they should have been cut out altogether. A car chase in a red Chevy and beating up a group of guys in a bar (which you might have already scene in the trailers) were the key action scenes in the film.

I didn’t like “Jack Reacher,” and I didn’t hate it either. Maybe I hated it more that Tom Cruise playing the character which was suited more for Van Damme or even worse Nicolas Cage.

I give it 5/10 popcorn meter5 copy

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